Industry Leading Analytics

Throughout Metron’s history, we have continually set new bench marks in Water use analytics.

As innovators in the field, Metron-Farnier boasts many firsts.

In 1990 we offered standard datalogging on our meters.

In the early 2000s, we began producing mobile reading AMR. This came standard with two-way datalogging retrievable “over the air” without leaving the vehicle.

In 2007 we introduced log intervals below 1 hour, offering utilities greater insight into how water was being used in commercial and residential services.

graphs of water usage data analytics
graphs of water usage data analytics

Today, our cellular and standard registers store usage information in the industry best, 5 minute intervals, that for the first time, allows our customers to approximate the peak flow throughout their water meters. This resolution has advantages in meter sizing, time of use billing and many more.

We are not stopping there…

2020 brings another first for Metron-Farnier and its clients. 1 minute usage resolution is now available on our whole range of products. This “final frontier” allows our platforms to get so granular on water usage that we can actually help homeowners differentiate the water consumption in their homes (showers, toilets, appliances, etc.) This capability has never been offered to the mass market and will most certainly change the water industry forever.