Single-Jet Water Meters

Large Commercial Sizes


  • C712 Compliant Single-Jet Meters
  • NSF 61/372 Lead-Free Brass
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Wide Range
  • Extreme Low-Flow Accuracy
  • Low Maintenance
  • No straight pipe requirements
  • Extremely durable in adverse conditions
  • Cost & Performance advantages over compounds, turbines and static meters

Spectrum 175D – 3″ Meter
.5 to 350 gpm full range

Spectrum 500D – 4″ Meter
Also available as 3” High Flow Meter
0.75 to 600 gpm full range

Spectrum 1000D – 6” Meter
Also available as 4” High Flow Meter
1.5 to 1100 gpm full range



Large Commercial Spectrum Meters

-Performance Examples

The Spectrum Single-Jet Meter is the widest range, longest lasting, single measuring element meter available to U.S. utilities for commercial applications.

The Spectrum meter has proven over years of series tests and bench tests conducted by utilities to capture lower flows that tradition type meters. These meters have been designed to replace maintenance-intensive compound-type and limited-range turbine and PD-type meters, for commercial services.

This translates into lower maintenance costs, less customer disturbances, and more accurate billing.

The combination of design simplicity, superior grade materials, and high-quality manufacturing standards allow for years of virtual new meter performance with little if any maintenance.