Metron Farnier News

Coming Soon! Cellular Enabled Residential Flow Regulating Meters

With remote shut off capabilities. These meters will operate independently, no need for radio’s or infrastructure.

Metron releases it’s 4G LTE Innov8 Register

With improved accuracy and signal strength, this register paired with Metron’s Water Scope web portal delivers the highest resolution of data in the water metering industry.

Turn your existing water meter into a smart water meter with Metron’s 4G LTE innov8 Register.

Introducing! The Water Industries First Cellular Enabled Hydrant Water Meter

The new “cash register” for utility hydrant applications. No more lost water, missing meters, or manual meter reads. The act of chasing billing issues for hydrant water-use is over.

Metron’s Hydrant Meter, utilizing the Verizon Cellular Network, will give you our Water Scope Data Analytics Technology and secure Microsoft Azure Cloud-based storage at your fingertips. This data seamlessly integrates into your existing billing system.

Know where your Hydrant Meters are at all times with the available GPS tracking capabilities.

Solve your Hydrant billing issue’s with a VoyagerHydrantMeter today.

New Product Release!  The Altair Low Flow Meter

A new low, in low flow. The Rotary Piston meter has extreme low flow sensitivity Measuring 1/30th of a gallon per minute. Paired with Metrons VN cellular enabled register and 1 minute data points pulled into our Waterscope technology. This is the Industries most analytic water meter.

Luke Quinn, Water System Administrator – Westville, Oklahoma:

“In my seventeen years in the water industry, I’ve never encountered a water meter as precise as the Altair”. “The low flow it’s able to capture is a game changer”.

See what your missing today.


Waterscope Utility and Consumer Portals include:
Automatic email notifications for conditions such as leaks, intermittent leaks, high usage, backflow and zero usage. Waterscope now offers a mapping interface and powerful segmentation features.

Our VN registers will retrofit onto most water meters already installed and turn your existing manual read or fixed network water meter into a cellular enabled Smart Water Meter. Giving you access to the powerful Analytics of our Waterscope cloud-based web portal.