Spectrum Single-Jet

Residential Water Meters


  • C712 Compliant Single-Jet Meters
  • NSF 61/372 Lead-Free Brass
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Wide Range
  • Extreme Low-Flow Accuracy
  • Low Maintenance
  • No straight pipe requirements
  • Extremely durable in adverse conditions
  • Cost & Performance advantages over displacement, turbines and static meters

Spectrum 25D – 5/8” Meter
0.0625 to 30 gpm full range

Spectrum 30D – 5/8 x 3/4” Meter
0.0625 to 40 gpm full range

Spectrum 30DL – 3/4” Meter
0.0625 to 40 gpm full range

Spectrum 50DL – 1” Meter
0.125 to 70 gpm full range



– Performance Example

The Residential Spectrum Single-Jet Meter is designed to capture lower flows than traditional meters while still supplying high flows when needed. The dual bearing floating impeller design minimizes friction allowing the meter to have superior low flow and a longer lifecycle when compared to traditional PD meters.

The Spectrum meter is unaffected by particulates in the water dramatically reducing stopped meter problems. Its compact design and light weight make it a favorite among meter installers.