Single-Jet Technology


Venturi Inlet (Single Jet) – The Venturi inlet conditions the water into a jet directing the flow and force of water towards the tips of the impeller. This gives single jet meters the following advantages over traditional meters:

  • Allows the meter to be installed without any straight pipe in front or behind the meter.
  • Takes force off the bearing and shaft transferring the energy or force of the water to the tips of the impeller dramatically improving low flow accuracy and bearing wear.
  • Debris passes by the impeller without jamming the meter or dramatically wearing the impeller.

The Twin-Pivot Floating Impeller Design – The impeller turns on a sharp tungsten carbide tip to reduce friction at low flow, and at higher flows the impeller floats to reduce wear on the low flow bearing.

Top-Loading Design – The impeller is mounted within a top loaded chamber. Both the register and the measurement chamber are field replaceable.

Innov8 Register – The Innov8 register utilizes a magnetic sensor which eliminates drag on the impeller and measures/logs every rotation of the impeller. This provides extreme measurement sensitivity and data resolution. The innov8 register comes with a variety of AMR/AMI options and all models have built-in high-resolution data logging.