California Water Authorities Use Smart Meters to Spot Wasteful Water Users

Long Beach, CA KCAL 9-News TV – Video: As part of ongoing coverage of persistent drought conditions in California, Metron-Farnier smart meters are featured as the newest weapon on the war to catch water wasters. Accurate data analysis provides empirical proof of water use times and durations to help identify chronic violators. Also, increased profits by benefitting from accurate low-flow data records.

NPR / National Public Radio – Audio: Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered a reduced use of water across Colorado. Besides drought tolerant plants and changing toilets, the conservation strategy needs more aggressive monitoring tools. Metron-Farnier’s smart meters are featured as one of the best solutions —a low-cost technological solution to track usage, discover leaks, and to catch water wasters.

NBC 4-News Downtown LA – Video: Described like an electronic ankle bracelet for water wasters, Metron-Farnier’s smart meters are portrayed as the perfect solution to monitor compliance with strict watering schedules — when you water and for how long. Using cellular technology, accurate data is sent in 5-minute increments. Since being installed in hundreds of homes and businesses, some users have reduced their water consumption by 88% with their increased awareness of real-time usage.