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Who We Are:

  • Metron Sustainable Services provides water sub-metering services for Mobile Home Parks, Commercial Buildings and Shopping Centers, and Home Owner Associations.

It’s no secret – When people pay for their water, they use less.
A LOT LESS. Reductions of 30% total water consumption are fairly regular!

  • Metron Sustainable Services is the newest member of the Metron-Farnier family of companies. Metron-Farnier supplies residential and main-supply line water meters to municipalities all over the United States.

Quick Overview of Our System

  • Our water meters have a long lasting battery powered am radio that broadcasts consumption data once per hour to the Gateway (10+ years is average battery life span)
  • A Gateway is installed on the property, 1 Gateway per up to 200-300 meters. The gateway is also powered by long-lasting battery (7-10 years of battery life, we maintain)
  • The Gateway stores the hourly consumption data from each meter
  • At 1:00 a.m. local time, the Gateway sends the previous 24 hours of consumption data to Water Scope, our web portal via the Verizon Network.
  • Our water meters and Gateway do not need an on-site power source or on-site internet access
  • We maintain the meters for the life of the contract (baring abuse by the client)

You will have access to Water Scope, our proprietary web portal.

    • Our services include tutorial and support
    • The system is intuitive and gives amazing data to the user and property owner, including alerts for high usage and leaks
    • Access can be shared with on-site personnel
    • We can also create reports and do billing
    • Individual log-ins can be created for users with different admin levels, including:

-Unit owner/residents

-Property manager

-Senior level execs with a whole portfolio of properties

For more information about Sub-Metering, please contact Rick Minogue


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