Installation Videos


Experience The Power of WaterScopes’ Ability To Detect Water Waste


This video demonstrates how to install the new innov8 register into the housing necessary to mount it on a non-Metron meter.


The innov8 will improve data resolution, make datalogging possible, and improve low-flow accuracy to new meter specs or beyond.


Seen here is another example of how the innov8 register can quickly and easily turn an old meter into a smart meter.


On the display is a demonstration of the auto datalogging capabilities of the G2 Mobile AMR system.


Seen here are instructions on how to attach the register lid onto the register housing for an innov8 electronic register.


This video demonstrates how to remove an Innov8 register from a Metron meter housing using a cotter pin extractor tool.


This video demonstrates how to install a new innov8 electronic register onto any new or used Metron meter (except S22).


Here is a walk-through on how to install an innov8 electronic register on a Metron S22 (residential, brass body) meter.


A real-life meter reading route using our new Innov8 electronic register with integral AMR radio and our G2 Mobile reading software.