Voyager Hydrant Meters

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The Voyager 80 is a hydrant meter with a flow range suitable for measuring fire hydrants and other fire service systems.  The lightweight, aluminum body meter can be fitted for any utility or construction requirements.  The Voyager has a robust turbine measuring element capable of withstanding the high flow and start/stop punishment of these applications.  A full cage can be provided to protect the register and optional GPS unit from damage at construction sites and during transportation.

Fitting the Voyager with an innov8-VN register conveniently provides remote cellular-based readings via Metron’s Waterscope System.  This allows the utility to track reads and consumption during the meter’s field time.  An optional GPS unit also allows the utility to track the location of the meter on Google™ Maps.


The Voyager meters utilize an innovative bearing design based on the proven Woltman turbine concept.  A turbine is mounted on a shaft oriented parallel to the flow stream.  The water forces the blades of the turbine to rotate the shaft in proportion to the velocity of the flow.    

Due to the advanced bearing design, the meter maintains accuracy at almost any orientation, including vertical.

Design Features

  • Calibrate-able measuring chamber
  • Field replaceable measuring chamber
  • Protective register cage
  • Lightweight epoxy coated aluminum body
  • For horizontal or vertical installation
  • Outstanding long-term accuracy through hydraulic bearing relief
  • Register head can be rotated 360 degrees for easier reading
  • Compatible with Innov8 VN electronic registers
  • Optional GPS tracking device


The Voyager meters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed AWWA C701Class II standards design and performance specifications. 


AWWA C701 Class II

Mechanical Specifications




Nominal Thread Diameter


Lay Length (no couplings) L


Overall Height


Bottom Centerline Height H


Top Centerline Height H1


Overall Width








Body & Top-plate:Nylon Composite
Register Housing:Thermoplastic



Engraved on Meter Body:


Direction of Flow Arrow


Flow and Pressure Specifications

Voyager 3”  Model


Normal Operating Range (98.5 to 101.5%)

3.5 to 528 gpm

(0.8 to 636 m3/hr)

Low Flow (95% min)

2.2 gpm

(0.5 m3/hr)

Max Continuous Duty 1

528 gpm

(636 m3/hr)

Safe Maximum Operating Capacity 2

880 gpm

(200 m3/hr)

Pressure Loss at Max Continuous

1.45 psi

(0.1 bar)

Max Operating Pressure

230 psi

(15.9 bar)

Max Operating Temperature

140 °F

(60 °C)



  1. Max Continuous defined by AWWA as flow rate which can be maintained 24 hrs/day x 7 days/week
  2. Max Intermittent defined as flow rate which can be maintained 1 hr/day average
Flow Accuracy and Pressure Drop
Flow AccuracyPressure Drop



The innov8 electronic register is the water industry’s new standard for register performance. The innov8 offers maximum resolution, a multitude of standard features, on-board datalogging and a variety of cellular, AMI, AMR and SCADA output options. The innov8 is designed for all environments and incorporates the largest battery available for utility applications. The innov8 can be deployed on any Metron water meter.



Please contact your Metron representative for formal warranty certificates.




Due to updated regulations and product improvements, Metron-Farnier reserves the right to change the product specifications without notice. 

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