One Minute Data Analytics - The Future of AMI

Metron continues to lead the industry in technology and is proud to introduce one-minute data intervals, being the first in the industry. With Metron’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system, powered by one-minute industry leading, high resolution water usage analytics.  There are many advantages including in-home water fixture use identification, detailed irrigation system usage breakdown by zone, and accurate peak flow rate reporting. Watch the video for a complete understanding of one-minute data and how it will benefit your utility.

WaterScope is the world’s most powerful Water Meter Data Management System.  It leverages the finest granularity in the AMI industry with sub 1 gallon data reported in 5 minute and now even optional 1 minute time buckets to allow analytics never before conceivable.   

New breakthroughs with machine learning algorithms interpret the incoming data for the user down to a level of dissecting household water usage by fixture.

Best of all, the system utilizes the existing Verizon LTE cellular network as its backbone, so the wonders of the WaterScope VN system are available to user of all sizes from the nation’s largest water utilities to even single home owners.

Residential Water Meters

The Spectrum Single-Jet Water Meter is the widest range, single measuring element water meter available to U.S. utilities. Servicing water utilities across the country from New York to California.  The Spectrum residential water meters are designed for extremely wide range and long-term accuracy. The single-jet technology is highly impervious to dirt, sand or grit in the water system. The combination of design simplicity, superior grade materials, and high quality manufacturing standards allows for years of virtually new meter performance with no maintenance.

Small Commercial Water Meters

Metron Spectrum Single-Jet Water Meters give utilities the ability to measure 1/4 gpm flows (and below) on 1 1/2″ and 2″ meters accurately. On average, the extended low flow yields an extra 10% – 20% revenue over conventional displacement water meters. With the normal 1 ½” and 2″ commercial services using 100,000 gallons per month or more, the Metron Spectrum Single-jets can yield an average $50 – $100 per year in additional water and wastewater revenue. The additional revenues generally pay for the meters in 1 – 2 years.  The perfect water meter for rural water districts and city utilities that are seeking to quickly maximize their return on investment (ROI) and capture future revenues.

Large Commercial Water Meters

The Spectrum Single-Jet Water Meter is the widest ranged, single-measuring element water meter available to U.S. utilities.The operation of the single jet element allows the water meter to be applied in the vast majority of potable cold water, reclaim water and well applications. Coupled with the advanced innov8 registers, the Spectrum single-jets are the water meter of choice for your revenue assurance and water loss programs. The large Spectrum water meters come in a selection of configurations for 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch applications.

Industrial & Fire Service Water Meters

The Enduro water meters are single element, wide range industrial water meters. The Enduro Model-D meters utilize a top-loading chamber to insert a small diameter Spectrum meter within the flow stream. This unique system allows for unparalleled accuracy and durability at both high and low flows within a compact meter body. The Enduro meters are an ideal solution for most industrial water metering applications.

Cellular Hydrant Meter

The water industries first and only Cellular/GPS enabled Hydrant water meter has become the go-to-standard for new subdivision and commercial developments. Get your billing reads remotely and on your terms. Gather consistent revenue for your utility. Track where your Hydrant meter is located at all times.