Cellular-Enabled Verizon Registers

VN System Overview

image of Virtual Network and Verizon Partner Logos

The VN System is a smart water metering system which delivers intelligent data for a wide variety of applications beyond billing reads and basic analytics.

Your utility will benefit from the technologies of two of the world’s most established and successful technology companies: Verizon Wireless and Microsoft.

Transparent Technologies, a Metron Farnier Company, along with these industry giants, delivers the most advanced smart water meter system in the industry.

VN System Registers & Remotes

The VN System utilizes the innov8 electronic register and remote endpoints to connect to almost any commercially available water meter.
The innov8 endpoints provide the industry’s highest data resolution and tightest data intervals. This data transmitted through the Verizon net work, provides basic meter reading and also enables Advanced Metering Analytics.

MDMS – Meter Data Management System

The VN System’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is deployed based on Microsoft Azure. Deployed as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the MDMS utilizes many of the inherent features of this high-security, high-reliability service utilizing the Verizon Cellular Network.

The MDMS offers the following:

  • Full Redundancy
  • Daily Backup of Data
  • Billing System Interface
  • Automatic Backfill of Missing Data
  • API for Utility or 3rd Party Data Access
  • Alert Notification Engine

Verizon Wireless For AMI

Verizon logo

The VN System uses the existing Verizon Wireless Network for the AMI — Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  Join the Metron Farnier family network today and reduce labor cost tomorrow.

Your utility will use the country’s largest public wireless carrier.

  • No New Infrastructure
  • No Propagation Studies
  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Maintenance
  • High Reliability & Performance

WaterScope Water Meter Data

Advanced analytics provide tools for customer service, engineering, maintenance and finance.

Management System

WaterScope is a set of web portals and tools for data visualization and reporting.

Diagram of VN System connecting Waterscope to your Mobile Devices