Simple Solution

Install Today – Read Tomorrow!

No towers, No collectors, No Repeaters, No Maintenance, No Software – No kidding!

Meters equipped with the I8 VN LTE-M register can be installed today and read tomorrow. The I8 VN LTE-M register sends its reads from 1-Minute to 5-minute intervals over the existing Verizon Cellular or AT&T Network directly to Waterscope hosted in Microsoft Cloud Azure.  

Users can then access the reads and a multitude of advanced analytics through the WaterScope platform from any device that has connectivity to the web. Simple.

  1. Scalable. Unlimited number of endpoints can be installed in ANY location throughout the service area. Simple.
  2. Dependable. The Verizon Network & AT&T cell service combined with the Microsoft Cloud yields unparalleled reliability. Simple.
  3. Billing Integration. No cost integration from Waterscope to any existing billing system. Simple.
  4. Water System Management. Waterscope automatically detects events significant to the utility and sends daily actionable reports to the appropriate staff. These include leaks, backflows, zero use, freezing and conservation violations among others. Simple.

Verizon & AT&T – Providing the most reliable Networks.

Microsoft – the most reliable Cloud storage. 

Waterscope – the most advanced analytic software available to the water industry.

The Choice – Simple.