One Minute Data Analytics

The Future of Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Why Choose One Minute Data?

  • In Home Analytics
  • Irrigation Analysis
  • Pinpoint Water Loss
  • Identifying True Commercial Peak Flow Rates

In Home Analytics

WaterScope evaluates the water used every minute bring true smart technology to each home. By evaluating different metrics of water use events like duration, peak flow rate, total volume, time of day, etc., WaterScope can identify the different ways water is used within the home. WaterScope then tracks the events by day, week and month to help the homeowner better manage their water use.  NOW THAT IS SMART

graphs of water usage data analytics
graphs of water usage data analytics

Irrigation Analysis

It is widely understood the massive impact that irrigation has on a utilities water supply. In drought conditions, utilities have to limit customer’s irrigation to certain days and times to try to limit the impact. Consumers need to understand the impact that irrigation has on their bill, often increasing bill 300%-500% in the summertime. For all involved, WaterScope is an invaluable tool with its precision irrigation analytics driven by one-minute interval data. WaterScope utilities, and their customers, always wonder about the volume of water gobbled up by irrigation on a daily basis. WaterScope analyzes the data and breaks it down showing start and stop times, zone-wise consumption and can even monitor drought mandated watering restrictions.

Pinpoint Water Loss

WaterScope takes advantage of the cell network’s very accurate time to precisely synchronize the consumption and interval data coming from all meters in the system. This allows WaterScope to compare system input meters at the treatment plant or district meters on the mains to all the billing meters downstream. The result is the coveted pinpoint daily water loss water managers have dreamed of since AMI was introduced.  Thus providing utilities the ability to dial in infrastructure losses that need immediate attention, saving money on labor cost in field attempting to find where an infrastructure loss might have appeared.   

graphs of water usage data analytics
graphs of water usage data analytics

Identifying True Commercial Peak Flow Rates

The AWWA Research Foundation has sponsored many studies over the decades to determine the amount of water used at different flow rates on different types of services. The problem has always been the variability between systems and individuals serving throughout the country. WaterScope uses its one-minute resolution to determine true peak flow rates every minute then displays the total volume used at all the different flow rates for every meter in the system.