Located in the high-tech hub of Boulder, Colorado. Established in 1990, Metron has been providing advanced metering solutions to utilities for 30 years.

Metron now offers a line of high performance residential, commercial, Hydrant and Fire Service water meters augmented with smart meter technologies. The Metron metering and sub metering solutions now provides superior measurement accuracy and range with the industry’s highest data resolution– and AMI reporting.

Metron’s metering and technology products can deliver information on water usage far beyond billing data and volume consumption. Our products can show when and how water is consumed down to flowrate levels which can be used in a variety of technical programs such as conservation, meter sizing, time-of-use studies, flowrate analysis and more.

Water utilities are facing many more challenges than in years ago. Rising costs, demanding consumers and aging infrastructure put pressure on water professionals. It is Metron’s mission to provide its utility customers products to maintain and increase water revenues and to provide detailed information for improved operations, customer service and maintenance.  Sub meter with Metron today