Smart Rural Water

Utilize Existing LTE Cellular Network

  • With Verizon and AT&T cell phone driven water meters, a large geographical footprint of most rural water districts is impractical for traditional fixed networks, due to the amount of required infrastructure.
  • Piggy-backing on the existing VZW Cat M long-reaching network bands is tailored for rural water systems
  • Install Metron Farniers’ smart meter meter today and receive reads tomorrow

Improve Metering Accuracy and Increase Monthly Revenue

  • Metering technology that allows for equitable billing and the measurement of flow rates down to 1/100 GPM on residential sites. Typical water loss is cut by as much as 50% after deployment of ultra-low flow water meters

Lower Cost of Meter Reading

  • Metron Farnier smart water meters reduce costly monthly manual or drive-by AMR reading methodology
  • Eliminate call-in readings and the headaches associated with inaccurate or untimely readings
  • Increase accuracy of daily consumption data and on-time meter reading
  • Eliminate re-reads and move-in/move-out truck rollouts

System Water Loss and Prevention

  • Metron Farniers cellular smart meter consumption data can be used daily, weekly or monthly to quickly and automatically show water loss percentage and total produced or provided water versus sold water through Waterscope
  • Simple setup and deployment of water loss zones to identify system loss within different areas of your district

    Customer Service Enhancement

    • Provides clear and concise data and images of high water use to reduce and eliminate water use write-offs
    • Waterscope provides daily reports for excessive leaks and intermittent toilet leaks to allow for proactive interaction with your customers
    • Color coded Data log graphs provide insight into the identification of the type of leak

    Billing System Integration

    • Application programming interface (API) for simple interface with current billing system, generally with no changes or extra costs
    • Option to create monthly billing systems

    Meter Freeze Protection

    • Vault temperature is monitored and transmitted each day. If a lid is left off or the pit ring is disturbed, precautionary email alerts are sent out each morning.

    Turn-Key Deployments

    • Metron Farnier offers multiple options for turnkey installation of water meters and retrofitting of metal lids to composite lids are available.