Smart City Water

Leak Detection

Improve system wide performance and lower water loss by detecting various types of leaks that occur throughout the water distribution system. WaterScope offers the ability to detect continuous leaks, intermittent (toilet) leaks and threshold leaks.


Improve customer service through WaterScope’s continuous 5-minute data logging on each and every account every day. The data is stored in the cloud indefinitely and can be accessed by both the customer as well as customer service personnel.

Revenue Protection

Waterscope offers the ability to see zero use conditions on critical meters / accounts and notify the utility immediately so a work order can be generated and the problem solved thus, avoiding substantial revenue loss through estimations.


When conservation counts, WaterScope comes to the rescue. The advanced algorithms can determine when and how much customers are watering. Even / odd addresses, days of the week and time of day can all be incorporated for customized watering schedules.

Consumer Engagement

In addition to direct WaterScope access for their account, both Android and IOS Apps are available to the consumer to receive selected notifications and to view their account history and usage.

Comparative Analytics

Through WaterScope, utilities can now run comparative analytics on the system as a whole or user defined groups of meters. See flow rates, time based, consumption and leak analytics with the click of the mouse.

Water Loss

With a system deployment, WaterScope offers the utilities the ability to see system wide water loss on a daily basis.

Other Features

  • Temperature:  Avoid bursting pipes and freezing meters with WaterScope’s temperature alerts.
  • Backflow: User defined Backflow events are also monitored by WaterScope.  Alerts are sent  to appropriate utility personnel for follow up.
  • Turn offs: Unauthorized use of water after a turn off has occurred can be detected and personnel deployed to investigate.
  • Unexpected Use: Part of the consumer engagement tools. Consumers have the option to receive alerts regarding unexpected water use while away from home.