Metron’s proprietary submetering utility management software and mobile app. From the WaterScope portal, community data on water usage can be accessed by park owners and property managers. Homeowners and tenants have access to their own consumer portal within the system.

The system highlights any issues at your community, like leaks, high usage or temperature flags. WaterScope’s web portal sends automated notifications via email which allows customers to catch problems, prevent high water bills and damaging leaks.

image of Waterscope user interface on Tablet and Phone
image of Waterscope Water Consumption Web Portal on Apple Monitor

Our innov8-VN registers show 1-minute interval data. The blue graph highlights a leak that is about 2.5 gallons per hour.

WaterScope shows how well the meters are communicating with the system. If there is an error in communication, you will receive an email notification.

WaterScope software visualizes water use patterns, detecting leaks, identifying high usage and preventing costly damage. The WaterScope software can plug into your existing invoicing system via API (application program interface), generate bills directly, allowing you to charge residents based on their actual water use and reward conservation.

Our software allows you to save money, time, stress and most importantly —water.

The Consumer Web Portal and Mobile App provide a variety of methods for end-consumer data access. These tools are designed to educate and empower end-consumers on their consumption patterns.

The Utility Portal also provides data tools for customer service and problem solving with end-consumers for consumption issues such as leaks, irrigation and high usage.

image of Waterscope Consumer Web Portal Interface graphs