Customer Experience

At Metron Farnier you can count on attention to your experience. Engagement from your Regional Manager and Technical Support Team is our priority.

What you can expect from your Regional Manager…

Your Regional Manager is your connection in this journey.  They are able to survey needs aligned to your current equipment and technology in order to provide a timely transformation, demonstrate products, utilize WaterScope to provide smart yet simple data analytics and billing solutions, answer any questions, provide sales, and accountable customer service.

What you can expect from your Technical Support Team…

Your Technical Support Team is here to provide solutions, should you need additional assistance in the use of WaterScope and/or our product functionality. 

You can be confident that your Regional Manager and your Technical Support Team have full knowledge of our product and software.  We are here to listen to you and deliver an authentic positive Customer Experience.

The ability to monitor our whole water system from a single remote location has been very rewarding.

In terms of leak detection, WaterScope has been instrumental in shortening the time to identify a leak therefore lessening damage a leak can cause.

WaterScope has simplified our billing process and individual homeowners are gaining confidence in using the tool to manage their vital resource… water.

Bob Gubser

President, Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association

Using WaterScope is simple and most importantly, informative. I find the flow charts encompassing the day, month and/or year are most helpful. The icons used in WaterScope help easily identify any problem a homeowner may be experiencing. With a simple and quick set up, individual residents have the ability to monitor water usage.

I have heard no complaints!

John Powell

Water Operator, City of Chelsea, MI

We have had Metron’s G2 Drive-by Meter Reading System deployed for a few years now and found it to be extremely reliable.

Ryan Packwood

Posey Twp. Water - Hardinsburg, Indiana

Metron meters have taken us from 18-20% water loss to 2.3%!

Mike Hiller

Filer Township, MI

In my seventeen years in the water industry, I’ve never encountered a water meter as precise as the Altair. The low flow it is able to capture is a game changer.

Lucas Guinn

Westville OK's Utilities Administrator

Metron/Verizon has been very responsive to our every need during cellular pit meter installations.

Richard Brooke

Rathbun Regional Water - Centerville, Iowa