G2 Mobile Advanced AMR

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image of G2 Mobile Advanced amr logoG2 Mobile is an advanced mobile AMR system that can provide billing data, consumption flags and high-resolution datalogging. These features deliver data and functionality comparable to most common AMI systems today.

The scalable G2 Mobile System is a low-cost entry in AMR technology and is compatible with Metron’s water, gas and electric radio endpoints. Streamers and repeaters are available for system optimization and submetering.

The radio endpoints log consumption every 5 minutes and provide extensive pre-processing of this data to identify common patters such as leaks, irrigation, backflow, etc. The endpoints can also deliver high-resolution datalogs analysis and customer service.

Endpoint Radios

The M2w is a remote radio with compatibility for most water meter registers. The M2w provides 2-way RF datalogging down to 1-minute resolution and also provides data pre-processing for common consumption patterns such as leaks, high usage, backflow and zero-usage/theft.

The innov8 register can be ordered with an embedded M2w radio. This solution provides a register + radio with compatibility for most water meters. The innov8 provides all functionality of the M2w plus the convenience of a register that can improve low flow accuracy and log every rotation of the meter’s magnet.

900 MHz Communications FEC

The radio endpoints communicate via the 900 MHz ISM band.
The system never requires any licensing and is designed to be immune to interference.

The radio endpoints are full transceivers and have 2-way communications with the G2 Mobile System. During normal reading operations, the endpoint radios operate in a typical one-way transmission for optimal battery life. For more advanced configuration and datalogging functions, the endpoint radios communicate in a two-way fashion.

Billing and Administration


The G2 Mobile System has a built-in import/export tool to provide the billing interface.

This tool allows Metron personnel to create the file formats to adapt to the utility’s existing billing system. In the majority of cases, this means no change for the utility’s processes.

The G2 Mobile System also has functions and reports for manual reads and for all consumption flags.

G2 Mobile System


The G2 Mobile System is run on a Windows-based laptop or tablet and interfaces with both the R2 transceiver for RF communications and with a GPS receiver for satellite locations.

The G2 Mobile Software provides a GPS-enabled mapping interface with multiple features to aid the meter reader with efficient data collection.

The G2 Mobile Software provides the two-way datalogging functions and displays all consumption flags such as leaks, high usage, backflow and zero usage.

Customer Service


When the G2 Mobile System collects reads from the endpoint radios, it also collects the consumption flags. This is data pre-processed from the field and provides immediate indication to the utility of relevant field conditions.

The G2 Mobile System can also pull high resolution datalogs in the field. These datalogs provide detailed analysis of the consumption patterns identified with the consumption flags.

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